Peter Logan | Biography

Born 1943, Witney, Oxfordshire. Lives and Works in London.

Peter Logan has made sculpture since leaving the Slade School of Art, London. Creating kinetic sculptures that express the spirit and movement of life is the essence of his work. Informed inter-disciplinarily by mathematics and engineering, Peter Logan’s sculptures are the visual meeting point between art and science, aesthetics and technology.

Early works, 1969-79 were rigorously composed and programmed performances of electronic, mechanical ballets. At first these were exhibited in interior spaces and later in outdoor locations. From 1975, working alongside nature, Logan developed his wind-powered sculpture. These sculptures began to explore elements of random performance, much like modern improvised dance, moving for extensive periods of time with the changing seasons of the year. Many of these sculptures are large-scale structures capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions over long periods of time. The various locations of his sculptures are often surprising, from a classical eighteenth century garden, to the playground of a comprehensive school, modern hospital grounds, or a windy corner of a deprived inner-city area.

In 1997, due to an interest in the extremes of balance and self-perpetuating movement, Peter Logan started to explore possibilities of solar-energised sculpture. The goal was to create a self-powered structures requiring low resources of natural energy. These sculptures would be interactive with both audience and environment, throughout a variety of interior and exterior locations.

Peter Logan has worked with a number of engineers and architects with a variety of specialist interests. Projects have included works installed in the mountains of Switzerland and Japan, the North Sea in Holland, the Atlantic Ocean in France and Ireland and the Pacific Ocean in California. Public sculptures can be found in London at Notting Hill Gate, Old Kent Road and Stansted Airport. Peter Logan has exhibited at many notable art institutions, namely: The Hayward Gallery; Royal College of Art; The Whitechapel Art Gallery; The Royal National Theatre; Magdalen College Oxford; New Arts Centre London; and the Tate Gallery, to name a select few.

Recently Peter Logan has completed two large-scale commissions for solar energised mobile sculpture in the atrium spaces of new buildings. He is currently working on a new generation of solar and wind powered sculptures.